What is a 2 x 2 forced matrix pay plan offered by LGN Prosperity?

Published: 29th December 2009
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As a consultant in the network marketing or MLM space, I've spent the last 8 years working, living, surrounded by, and promoting the network marketing industry. Currently, my primary offerings surround forex trading models, mobile ticketing, and on rare occasions, introductions to new network marketing companies.

I know some of the most effective and successful people in the industry and have had the good fortune to work with a number of them personally. Why is this important to you? I've built pay plans for companies, literally going through the exercise of white boarding details on product costs, company budgets, and shipping issues in the course of building the right pay plan for companies.

Let me breakdown some quick terms for you.

Binary Pay Plan.
Imagine a store with two sides or isles. There are customers on both sides of the isles and some of your sales come from one side of the store and some come from others. 

Your compensation in binary plans are contingent upon either recruiting or sales in that particular "two-sided" store.

A unilevel plan is imagined best the following way. Your directly sponsored distributors are loaded into straight line that features unlimited width. You directly sponsored distributors are allowed and encouraged to do the same. Upon meeting certain qualifications surrounding recruiting, sales, or team sales, you experience income overrides on varying levels of the straight lines built by your downline.

A matrix is simply a Unilevel with "walls" or rules built around the width of its programming rules. So instead of building to unlimited width like a unilevel, you're building to the rules of the plan. I'll share an example in a bit.

A hybrid plan is some combination of two or more plans. This occurs most often when a client comes to a software company and says, "I want the fast growth and cycling of a binary plan while still featuring long term wealth creation present in unilevel plans." 

Unilevels are typically chosen for companies with "autoship" requirements. I.E. the need to order a minimum of product or produce a minimum of team volume to remain qualified or get promoted.

Now that you have the basics, lets dive into the LGN 2 x 2 Forced Matrix.

A 2 x 2 plan built as a matrix means that after establishing your position or business center two additional centers are needed below yours as the first step. Secondly, those two business centers end up with two business centers below them. A total of 7 business centers exist in the cycle. It's "TWO WHO FOUND TWO" in a perfect world.

In my years of working in the industry with the likes of Hubert Humphrey, Jeff Miles, Scott Arvin, Doug Firebaugh, Larry Kozin, Phil Piccilo, and others, I've never seen a faster moving construct than LGN's.

Let me explain why. The 2 x 2 with LGN fosters growth through a provision allowing or forcing re-entry into the plan. This is done through the delivery of creating high margin, high value, product delivery. Your ONE TIME fee of $299.00 allows entry into the LGN matrix. When 2 get 2 below you, or better said, when there are 6 business centers forced into your matrix by your upline's activity, you cycle $777.00 whether you've sponsored anyone or not. Why is this important? Let's put it this way, if you are somewhat of a go getter and average the 1.5 recruits that most people average in network marketing, your 1.5 recruits will do the same and within days, you're still ahead about $450.00.

The LGN matrix doesn't stop there. When you cycle, you are re-entered into the plan in a new 2 x 2 forced matrix having filled the next spot available in your upline's matrix. You may actually trigger a new matrix for multiple people by your forced re-entry into the matrix.

If this is true for your upline or sponsor, the same will be true of you. Your willingness to introduce the program to others will have a direct correlation to how fast your matrix cycles.

You can find a complete description of the program at BestWebPlatformdotCom.

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